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We Digitize Business using MicroServices

BizDevOps Software Factory


There are various ways to develop and maintain applications. Our own methodology allows us to deliver comprehensive services from business requirements to the subsequent management of the delivered software. We save customer's time, money and bring them success on the market.

Tell us how your business works

In the beginning, we need to understand your business and determine how our production line is able to meet your expectations

Step by Step

We prepare a roadmap to getting your company on the right track and staying ahead of the curve.

Production line

DEV is the part where we use our own methodology to accelerate the delivery of your requirements and change existing processes without affecting your business. Based on several years of experience in the field of microservices, we have optimized the production line to the maximum, which all our customers benefit from

Life is one big change

Also in each project will appear improvements that affect the original plan. Our methodology is ready to respond flexibly to new requirements without disrupting the originally defined goal.

The Fast and the Safe

Speed of delivery is also driven by automated tests typical for microservices approach.
At the same time, we use state-of-the-art deployment technology, which allows us to minimize system outages.

The approach that supports YOU

We constantly take care of your application and its infrastructure and thus guarantee its up-to-dateness.
The microservices architecture enables continuous adaptation of new business processes in a changing market.


Today's dynamic times call for being in the right place at the right time. We are convinced that your business should be supported by suitable and modern IT tools. Only then you are able to provide services at the highest level to your customers for a long time. And it doesn't matter what sector of the economy they are. 

Many customers have implemented robust systems that are very difficult or very expensive to modify. Our methodology use microservices to break up such an application into small pieces and progressively turn them into modern technologies. This approach has proven itself with several customers.

Our Method

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One microteam is a team of up to five software engineers specialised in building small software applications called microservices.

They work together with customers and deliver running code. Methodical and systematic work brings results and joy both to customers and engineers.

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Unlike big monolithic applications the whole information system can be built from small running applications called microservices.

With the right approach there is no limit how small or big or complex the system can be.
Netflix, eBay, Amazon, Twitter or PayPal know it.

Join Our Team

We are always happy to see new people in our enterprise. If you have the necessary experience and education we would be happy to see you on our team.

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How we digitize your business

Please contact us any time you have any issue or question. We would be happy to help you.

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Phone: +421 2 2220 5000
Spyrou Kyprianou, Chapo Central Off. 201
1075 Nicosia,Cyprus
ID: HE363081
VAT ID: CY103630810
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