Unlike big monolithic applications the whole information system can be built from small running applications called microservices.

Full System

From frontend to database or legacy system, microservices cover all.

Step by Step

Instead of big-bang microservices can be added or updated one-by-one.

Fast Delivery 

No need to wait until everything is done. The deploy is done continuously.


One microteam is a team of up to five software engineers specialised in building small software applications called microservices.

They work together with customers and deliver running code. Methodical and systematic work brings results and joy both to customers and engineers.

Our teams

Self Organised
Driven by requirements and goals microteams self organise internal work.

From requirements to running code microteams cover all aspects.

Set up in hours, first code in a few days and full delivery in weeks.


Full Stack

Java, Java or Type Script, HTML, CSS and SQL are just basic blocks. Microteam is ready take care of everything what is needed.


Knowledge in practice must be shared not just in a team but across all teams. But the best is to have it written in methodology.

Team Leading

No matter how small a team is there is always a leader and a member. The software engineers should never be alone or lost.

Code Quality

Documentation, testing, code standards and best practices are essential for building and maintain microservices.


New code, new features, new microservices, new deployments are continuously streamed to see the progress in real time.


Features or code once meeting the production quality are handed over to customer for use.


- Human Connection (Web Mobile/ iOS App / Android App)
- Machine Connection (RS/WS)
- API Gateway (Node/Java RS/WS)
- Integration (Java Apache Camel)
- Process (Java Camunda)
- Messaging Bus (Apache Kafka Cluster)
- Storage (Postgres Cluster)

- Java Stack
- TypeScript Stack
- Kubernates Orchestration
- Docker Containerisation
- Elastic Stack Observability

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